Well hello there

Hello readers!

Tis me Natascha.

 A little bit about myself : I am a committed cat momma to two kitty cats, Lola and Bubba. A wifey to a disabled US Army veteran. A crafting maniac. If there is any type of crafting or DIY type, trust me I have done it (Sewing, polymer clay, drawing, paper crafting, jewelry making,  Ryobi Wood Working Tools, and anything with superglue) I am an expert at Netflixing. I speak fluently in F•R•I•E•N•D•S quotes. My spirit animal is a pregnant hedgehog. I lived in Germany for most of my life and now melt away in the heat of Florida. 

Thank you for finding me and letting me brain fart to you! 

P.s. I also am a sushi inhaling master. But that’s not really a secret. Yes Fujiyama Staff, all that food is for me.