5 Ways how Teamiblends helps me 

Maybe because it was getting unbearably hot outside, or maybe it was because I cut out dairy completely and just accepted the fact that I am lactose intolerant and the pain cheese gives me is no longer worth having. Somehow I was no longer going number two. My stomach felt hard and was aching. I have not passed gas in God knows how long. My husband was happier due to the fact that I was no longer nuking him in my sleep. I checked the scale, I gained 8 pounds in 5 weeks. How? I had cut out dairy, I had been eating bunny food and stayed away from gluten and fast food. I was drinking my gallon of water a day. How on earth did I gain weight? Then I realized, I had not been to the bathroom in two weeks. That explained the migraines and the acne outbreak. The dull skin and terrible sleep. I looked in the mirror and there it was, the giant belly bloat of Satan.

It was unbearable. Carrying this giant belly around. My pants still fit but I was carrying around a doughnut ring around my pants, I was sluggish. Over the years the doctors had prescribed me anything from Mira-lax to fiber supplements to heavy medications like omeprazole. When I had my colonoscopy is 2013 I had to drink two gallons of laxatives instead of one because one did not do anything and two had only and finally kicked in a couple hours before the colonoscopy. Cutting out certain foods did not help. Fiber makes me more plugged up. I got so desperate. Should I pay 60$ every 10 days to get a colonic to help me? My rectal enemas are no longer working, the grape flavored laxative doesn’t even make me fart. Hooray for my husband. Boo for me.

Then I saw all of these “Instagram famous skinny women where you don’t know why they are famous or have money but they have thousands of followers” brag about this company called Teamiblends. I got desperate and was crying because I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I ordered their colon tea. I told myself if it does not work I can always return it and spend my life savings on colonics. The shipment arrived at my home four days later. Here goes nothing.

I boiled some water, placed the tea bag in my mug, added water and some honey and did as the instructions said: let it sit for 2-3 min the first time. Now I planned on doing that. I was looking at the clock and checking on the tea, when my cats decided to knock something over so I went to check on that. 10 minutes and 39 seconds later I remembered the tea. I removed the bag and said screw it. I was doubting this company. I drank every last drop.

This was at 8:00 pm. I continue tidying up the house. At around 10 pm I laid myself down to sleep. My stomach made bubble sounds that I have not heard in six weeks. I pass gas. I start to cheer. My husband gets scared for his nose.

11 pm rolls by. My stomach sounds like the sinking Titanic. Creeking noise and incredibly loud bubbling sounds. I get excited. More tooting occurs. I keep chugging down water to speed up whatever is happening in there. Then the sound stops. And I have exactly 12 seconds to run to the bathroom.

Let me spare you those details.

Fast forward, it was 4:00 am and I got to lay down for real real not for play play. My stomach is very sore but feels comfortable. My migraine is gone. I go to sleep.

1. You wake up feeling rested

After I drink this tea (every 2-3 days) I go to sleep, only to wake up feeling refreshed. I get to rise from my slumber feeling like a new born. I believe it is because this tea rids you of toxins in your body that your feces carries. I have not had brain fog since drinking this tea.

2. The Bloat is gone!

I do still carry a bit of bloat on me, just because it is 105 degrees in Florida. However, I have not looked this healthy in a very long time. It works while you sleep. The tea is to be consumed at night so your body can process it while you are asleep. And when you wake up you get rid of the waste and enjoy your day. That was not the case for me, I blame it on having been majorly backed up. My body processed it immediately and there was no sleeping and waking up as my body waits for me. Nobody waited for me. It was a life or loss of dignity by pooping your pants, at age almost 25, situation. Throughout the day your bloat gets less and less. I felt confident again. Hello skin tight clothes and goodbye my giant pajama shirts. I felt like myself. A person I had missed for a very long time.

3. Your cravings go away

Since drinking this tea I no longer have a hankering for junk food, sweets, salty foods, bad food in general. Now I did some research and could not find anything hunger suppressant related about this tea. I believe it is a psychological thing for me. Focusing on eating the better things so I do not end up backed up and bloated again. My stomach cannot hold as much food anymore, it now tells me when I am full. Something it was incapable of doing for almost two months. The cravings are almost completely gone. I do enjoy an occasional Popsicle or a Starbucks coffee. But anything else that is not necessarily good for me, I show absolutely no interest in. And since I have been detoxing thanks to Teami colon by Teamiblends , I have established this new energy which helps me get more than 6,000 steps in my day when my goal is just 5,000.

4. You lose inches and a couple of pounds

Since I started this tea I have lost 7.4lbs and four inches around my waist. I do not necessarily believe that it is fat, it seems like water weight and what I was backed up with contributed to this loss. I can say though that I fit in to size 8 un-stretchy-fabric pants again. Something that was out of the question for me since 10th grade (eight years ago). The water weight keeps coming off but only if you drink the tea every 2-3 days. It helps keep you regular. I now go to the bathroom every two days. Which is a miracle schedule for me. It really helps with chronic IBS symptoms.

5. The detox effect clears your acne issues

I never had an issue with acne until recently when it was getting really humid outside and my chronic IBS flared up. I have been drinking this tea for 2.5 weeks now and my face has never looked nicer. I have less acne issues and my skin does not look dull anymore. It finally absorbs lotion again and also helped heal parts of my eczema. It is not a cure for eczema or chronic IBS but it helps lessen the symptoms for me.

TO End this recap of my wonderful experience with Teamiblends Teami Colon :

I do not get paid to talk about them. They did however offer me my own personal code that I get to share with all of you! If you type in LOLAJ10 at the checkout you get 10% off your entire order! That is the same code I use when placing my orders.

If you seem interested in Teamiblends teas , I will encourage you to give it a try. Their products are gluten and lactose free and carry no pesticides or preservatives. Their tea leafs are from Hong Kong, a place that is still practicing medicine with the power of Teas. It helped me and maybe it will help you, and that is what is the most important thing. To help each other.



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