DIY Victorias Secret Shopping Bag Box

Some of us are fortunate, fortunate to not being a hoarder. I am not that case. I hoard anything I ever receive as a gift, or find laying around. You offer me something completely pointless for the sole purpose of getting rid of it? I will take it. Why? Because what if I need it in the future??

So here I am, with a ton of Victoria’s Secret Bags. Bags that have accumulated over time, either from shopping there or somebody else had these bags stashed somewhere and was ready to throw them out. And that is where I play my part.

I got a new desk, I have empty shelves, I needed boxes. I like boxes. In a not so normal way. I will collect them and if they are big enough, fill them with smaller boxes. Heck, even one Christmas my brother gave me decorative paper boxes with bows on them, empty, but so pretty. I was smitten. Now they hold smaller things. Back to the need for boxes. I had all this cardboard left over from our recent move. I am good and making something out of nothing. I learned that from my German Grandfather. So here I am with 11 empty VS bags, the kind you receive when you purchase items in the store (probably should have added that in the beginning), and a lot of left over cardboard.

And this is where my mind went. Make my side of the crafting area look mega organized. Boom.

First you grab some cardboard and a pen and you trace each side of the box. Just trace and flip and trace and flip until you traced a flat outline of your shopping bag. Watch out for cats, they can sense a box is being made and want to test out their new bed.

Then, and watch your fingers, you cut the shape out. You cut along the very last trace and straight across the top. To create this giant rectangular shape. Measure about two finger width of a space and cut off that much of the very top, this is important because if you do not do this, the cardboard will not fit underneath the flap inside of the bag (the flap that holds the string that lets you carry your pretty new underwear treasure bag).

Yay, we made it this far, good! Now take the scissors and gently cut along the lines you created with your pen when you traced it, creating a small cut, but not entire through the cardboard!!! This well help fold it easier for when you insert it in to the bag later. Then you fold towards the cut, NOT away. That would lead to ripping of the cardboard. We do not want this to happen.

Then you fold it along the lines. By creating a triangular shape it will be easier to insert! Dont forget to fold the flaps upwards, insert the cardboard, and then place the flaps over the cardboard. Use some clear tape or washi tape or duckttape to secure it all. And voila! You have your adorable and super functional VS box. And if you are like me, you will realize any gift bag you have ever received could be made in to a box, so you spend you afternoon making these beauties while watching FRIENDS and forgetting what the outside world looked like. Now you can add white tape or pink tape for the side as well (or different colored thick cardboard), I did not do so because all of mine are already filled to the top with shipping items, so you cannot even tell that there is cardboard inside of them.

I hope you liked my simple tutorial!



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